Fibre Optics

Fibre optic networks are becoming increasingly popular, however they require specialist knowledge to realise their full potential. DEC’s fibre network teams have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering optical fibre networks across mining, infrastructure and industrial environments.

Specialists in fibre optic networks

Design and implementation

Our engineers can deliver fully integrated networks utilising industrial communications and software systems. From design and implementation to maintenance and control, Dynelec can help you implement fibre network solutions that maximise operational efficiency and productivity.

With a large range of application capabilities, we can support complex and demanding requirements, from field deployable systems to fixed vehicle/vessel and office applications.

Inspection and cleaning

Fibre optic networks are commonly impacted by dirt, dust and other particles on the fibre connector end faces, thereby reducing their efficiency.

It’s recommended that inspection and cleaning takes place both at installation and as part of any issue/fault finding inspections to prevent future issues from arising.

Dynelec have experience in conducting detailed inspections of the fibre optic network to ensure connectors operate efficiently. Microscope technology is used during installation as well as during maintenance assessments.

Why choose Dynelec for your Fibre Network needs?

We can

  • provide non-flammable, travel safe cleaning solutions for ease of transportation
  • supply IBYC – Inspect Before You Connect arrangements
  • reduce network downtime and failures
  • supply on-site and remote support, reducing troubleshooting
  • reduce connector end face damage
  • remove oil, grease, dust and other contaminants.

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