Explosion Protected Equipment

Ensuring your equipment is in good working order and safe is imperative when the equipment is used in hazardous areas. We have a state-of-the-art workshop and fully qualified technicians experienced in the overhaul and repair of explosion protected equipment.

Ensuring the safety of your team and facilities

Our team have the tools, experience and certification required to deliver quality maintenance, overhaul or repair of your explosion protected equipment. Our workshop is accredited under AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17020 (2000) (Accreditation No: 15433) and is certified to supply the following services:

  • In-service equipment for use in hazardous areas AS/NZS 3800 (MP87.2)
  • Ex ‘d’ Flameproof enclosures
  • Ex ‘e’ Increased Safety
  • Ex ‘i’ Intrinsically safe electrical equipment for installation in Ex d enclosures
  • Ex ‘n’ Non-sparking
  • Ex ‘p’ Pressurised enclosures
  • DIP Dust excluding Ignition proof
  • Pre overhaul inspections performed at mine sites AS/NZS 2290


The NSW Coal Mining Legislation currently requires workshops that repair and overhaul Ex electrical equipment to be licenced. Dynelec is licensed as a Recognised Service Facility pursuant to the ANZEX Scheme. License No: MLA076344.

The aim of the Recognized Service Facilities Program is to provide a consistent framework in which Ex service facilities (workshops) can be recognised as having the necessary facilities, management systems, work processes and competencies to overhaul, repair or modify Ex equipment. This will, in turn, ensure a high degree of confidence that the overhauled and/or repaired equipment is returned to the end-user in an Ex condition.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for overhaul, repair or maintenance of explosion protected equipment.