Injection Testing

Electrical injection testing is used to confirm the physical condition and electrical characteristics of your protection or high current system are suitable for your application.

Ensure your electrical system meets safety requirements

Dynelechas highly trained engineers qualified to support you in a range of testing methods including current injection testing (Primary and Secondary). We also have specialised high quality testing equipment to ensure testing is accurate and efficient.

By testing your electrical system to its expected system settings and capacity you can:

  • verify the system meets specifications and requirements
  • ensure the system is safe to use
  • ensure the system meets industry standards and codes.

We are able to test the switching capacity of electrical equipment in terms of:

  • thermal stress
  • dynamic short-circuit performance
  • opening, breaking and insulation capacity after short-circuit breaking
  • operational behaviour.

Testing is completed using relevant codes and standards and ensures your electrical system meets them.

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