Engineering and consulting

Dynelec are well placed to offer you electrical design and drafting services, project management, consulting, electrical system audits and analysis as well as mechanical concept design.

Collective knowledge and experience in Electrical Engineering

Our dedicated engineering and service teams can offer you their collective knowledge and experience developed throughout more than 65 years in operation. We’re available to provide assistance in all stages of your process chain and offer the best solutions to meet a diverse range of applications.

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Our engineering and consulting services incorporate:

Electrical Design and Drafting
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Our experienced engineers and draftspersons can provide a complete electrical design and drafting service to assist with all your electrical schematic and documentation needs based on your project criterion.

Project Management
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Dynelec has successfully delivered electrical engineering solutions to a broad range of clients with a variety of different briefs, ranging from electrical design and drafting through to installation and on-site maintenance of equipment and turnkey electrical solutions.

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With years of experience behind us and representation on the Standards Australia Committee, Dynelec are well placed to support your business in the provision of electrical engineering services, process control, systems integration and management.

Mechanical Concept Design
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Save time and money on your project by using mechanical conceptual designs of your project to present a realistic simulation of your ideas.

Load Flow, Protection & Arc Fault Studies
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Are your equipment ratings sufficient to withstand fault conditions? Power studies are an essential way to ensure a secure and safe power supply. Equipment must be capable of providing protection to personnel and minimise damage to expensive infrastructure.

Risk Assessments
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Understanding risks and managing hazards is integral to managing safety, regulatory requirements and ensuring operational efficiencies. An unsafe/hostile environment could be expensive!

Compliance Audits
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Ensuring your electrical systems are compliant with the latest relevant Australian Standards can be challenging. An audit with Dynelec can identify areas of non-compliance and rectify them.