Control, Protection and Monitoring

Industrial enterprises face a huge challenge - transforming data from their systems into actionable information that can help them improve efficiency, productivity, safety and profitability. Dynelec can help.

State-of-the-art solutions to control, monitor and protect your systems

Dynelec have expertise and experience in assisting you monitor, control and protect your systems using scalable power control and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) functionality.

By developing tailored systems with powerful features such as remote management of critical infrastructure, Dynelec are able to help you control your costs, maximise your productivity and ensure you have secure and reliable operations.

We can supply:

  • power management systems
  • load management systems
  • power distribution control systems
  • electrical control systems
  • integrated control systems
  • electrical network monitoring and control systems
  • integrated protection and control systems.

What you get

At Dynelec, we can provide scalable solutions suitable for small applications, large enterprise environments or anywhere in between. Our solutions provide flexible, easy to operate interfaces which allow operators to work more efficiently.

In addition to this, we can provide advanced functions which support operators by monitoring system activity. An alarm log system delivers improved fault management enabling better-informed decision making thereby reducing the need for operator intervention. This results in a decrease in problems caused by operator error. Integration with the SCADA system enables you to remotely monitor and operate the system.

Solutions can be built to include:

  • realtime and historical data
  • alarming
  • logging
  • calculations
  • workflow
  • reporting
  • user rules and workspaces
  • power control including
    • load shedding
    • peak shaving and 
    • tie-line control
  • synchronisation
  • integration with
    • event monitoring
    • time synchronisation.

Contact us today to discuss options for monitoring, control and protection of your power distribution networks and systems.