Dynelec are able to deliver a range of substation solutions from very small substations to large power distribution solutions. Our substations are built for maximum reliability.

Meeting all your substation needs

Dynelec have developed the expertise required to design, build, service, test, repair and/or automate your substation. We develop tailored solutions based on your needs. With decades of practical experience to draw on and multiple industry alliances, Dynelec are well placed to deliver end-to-end power distribution or substation solutions.

Substations play an important role in enabling reliable transmission of electrical power by either transforming high voltage (HV) to low (LV) or vice versa. Dynelec have developed the knowledge to allow us to manage your power distribution project, from initial project scoping or problem analysis through design, testing, installation and commissioning.

Quality Assured

Upon completion, each substation goes through Factory Acceptance Testing, compatibility testing (where necessary) and commissioning to ensure systems operate on delivery. All manuals, including equipment dossiers and drawings, will be provided.

We also offer options for ongoing support for each product including Lifecycle Management.

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