Distribution Boards

Dynelec have a proven track record in electrical distribution systems. Our distribution boards can be built in different configurations to suit your power distribution requirements.

Distribution boards customised to your exact requirements

Distribution boards divide the electrical supply feed into separate circuits for different loads and often have an enclosure in which the protective circuit breakers for load circuits are mounted.

Dynelec can supply distribution boards and enclosures to suit a wide range of applications, whether you need to protect your switchgear in a small enclosure or require a complex distribution board for power distribution, we have a solution for you.

Designed to your needs

We can supply main distribution boards, sub-distribution boards and control panels. Configurations can include IP rated enclosures for harsh environments, wall-mounted or free-standing solutions, load centres suitable for indoor or outdoor environments as well as panelboards to suite Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs).

All assembly, wiring and testing of your distribution board is carried out by Dynelec. Circuit-breakers, fuses or motor starters will be permanently integrated as functional units. Automated monitoring and control solutions can also be integrated into your product. We ensure you get reliable results by using high quality protection and control devices.

We are also able to overhaul and modify existing distribution boards if necessary to suit your budget.

Dynelec’s distribution boards are well suited to:

  • workshops
  • trade applications
  • industry applications
  • buildings.

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