Risk Assessments

Understanding risks and managing hazards is integral to managing safety, regulatory requirements and ensuring operational efficiencies. An unsafe/hostile environment could be expensive!

We make safety a priority

Risk Management is integral to the health and safety of personnel and equipment as well as ensuring your business meets legal and regulatory requirements.

Making sure you have an optimum operating environment starts with understanding the risks and hazards of that environment. An unsafe/hostile environment is a liability. Risk Assessments help you identify and understand the risks and hazards within your operating environment, and to help you formulate a Risk Management Plan.

A Risk Assessment with Dynelec could assist you in achieving:

  • Improved health and safety of your personnel
  • Security
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Environmental protection
  • Efficiency in operations
  • Reputation
  • Avoid/decrease liabilities.

Dynelec offer the following process as part of a Risk Assessment:

  • We ensure we investigate and understand the context or environment
  • We then identify existing or potential risks and hazards
  • We analyse the risks and hazards identified
  • We supply you with risk treatment, actions or mitigation options.

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