Project Management

Dynelec has successfully delivered electrical engineering solutions to a broad range of clients with a variety of different briefs, ranging from electrical design and drafting through to installation and on-site maintenance of equipment and turnkey electrical solutions.

Expertise in innovative end-to-end solutions

Dynelec specialise in delivering fit-for-purpose electrical solutions developed to suit you and your project. Our team of engineers and technicians draw from our decades of experience, helping develop solutions or troubleshoot to solve problems thereby delivering optimum results.

Dynelec’s project management team can help you with scoping your project, preparing documentation, managing tenders and installation. We can work either from our office or at your site, or both, based on your project’s needs. We aim to help you optimise your project and realise your objectives.

Our project management team can help you with:

  • substations ranging from transportable dragline substations to high voltage power distribution switchyards
  • conveyor systems (both aboveground and underground), bin storage and bulk loading systems
  • drift haulage and shaft winder design and installation
  • cost effective upgrades of out-dated and / or inefficient existing electrical systems
  • ventilation fan systems
  • water/sewage and irrigation pumping installations
  • compressor drives
  • PLC and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition systems)

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