Load Flow, Protection & Arc Fault Studies

Are your equipment ratings sufficient to withstand fault conditions? Power studies are an essential way to ensure a secure and safe power supply. Equipment must be capable of providing protection to personnel and minimise damage to expensive infrastructure.

Ensuring you have reliable and safe power systems is critical

Power studies are required to ensure you have capable and safe electrical supplies and systems. Studies can assist you in determining whether your power network can:

  • Supply the required amount of power
  • Ensure equipment ratings are sufficient for normal and fault conditions
  • Ensure that voltage fluctuations can be managed, and
  • Ensure that regulatory requirements are met.

All studies / study combinations are delivered to you in detailed reports, including data testing results and diagrams, along with any potential recommendations or options for mitigation.

Power studies

Dynelec has the experience and resources required to undertake a variety of power studies and deliver holistic solutions that are reliable and efficient.

Load Flow and Fault Studies

Load Flow and Fault Studies are used to determine the power and current flow within an electrical network under particular load conditions. This can assist you in the determination of electrical equipment specifications.

Short Circuit Fault Studies

Short Circuit Fault Studies are used to calculate the current flow throughout the network under simulated fault conditions. The results from this study are used to determine if current equipment is adequate or to specify electrical equipment voltage withstand and current interrupting ratings.

Protection Studies

Protection Studies are used to determine protective device settings and current transformer (CT) settings for the protection of equipment under overload or fault conditions. This helps optimise existing systems or in the design of new systems.

Arc Flash Analysis

Arc Flash Analysis is used to identify potential energy exposure and potential hazards under arc fault conditions. Results are used to ensure regulatory compliance, minimise equipment damage, minimise system downtime and assist in preventing injury or death to personnel.

Transient Motor Starting Studies

Transient Motor Starting Studies are used to assist with modelling system voltage and characteristics of motor torque.

Harmonic Studies

Harmonic Studies are used to quantify the level of harmonics that may be present in an electrical network which may result in distortion of the voltage supply and current waveforms, potentially affecting connected equipment adversely.

Remote monitoring

Over and above supplying power studies, Dynelec are able to design and install remote monitoring solutions to assist in the management and monitoring of harmonics, voltage, currents, frequency, power factors, power sways / fluctuations and noise in utility assets.

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