With years of experience behind us and representation on the Standards Australia Committee, Dynelec are well placed to support your business in the provision of electrical engineering services, process control, systems integration and management.

A proven track record of end-to-end Electrical Engineering support

As Engineers Australia representative on the Standards Australia committees SA EL23 / EL14 and P12, Dynelec has input into the development, review or modification of Australian Electrical Standards. This ensures we’re always abreast of any changes taking place in the electrical standards applicable to your operations.

We ensure high value efficient results by striving to provide electrical engineering solutions focused on you, the customer. With experience across a broad range of electrical process and products, Dynelec can assist you in the delivery of optimised solutions, identify opportunities for improvement or find and rectify issues.

Our team of engineers, project managers and tradesmen have proven experience in delivering electrical engineering services, systems integration management and the provision of process control solutions.

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