Power Quality & Harmonics

Power quality can be impacted by harmonics, sags, surges and transients. All of these have the ability to cause incorrect operation or failure of equipment.

Prevent problems before they occur

Dynelec have the capacity to monitor multiple points within your electrical system to help build a complete picture of your network.We are able to measure and analyse the power quality of your network thereby identifying harmonics, sags, surges and transients which may cause incorrect operation or even failure of equipment. Results from these tests can identify issues and help prevent future problems.

Our analysis capabilities include:

  • surge comparison tests
  • harmonic analysis
  • voltage disturbances
  • power factor correction
  • power quality investigations
  • energy analysis

We have the technology required to provide simultaneous analysis of energy and demand. This allows our engineers to identify the source of problems and enables them to recommend the best solution to rectify identified problems.

Surge Comparison Tests

A surge comparison test can help reduce the amount of damage or breakage in motors, leading to longer equipment life. Surge comparison tests are widely applicable for AC motors, DC motors, transformers, coils, wires, cables, capacitors and more. At Dynelec we have a reputation for quality testing and results.

Surge testing not only tests ground insulation, more importantly it tests turn-to-turn, coil-to-coil and phase-to-phase insulation. The test will even detect a single short of one turn. Most winding failures start with a turn–to–turn short. Circulating currents in that shorted loop generate excess heat that will eventually deteriorates the ground insulation.

High voltage Surge Comparison Testing can detect faults before they shut down the motor. A majority of insulation faults start as a weakness in the turn insulation. Holes in the wire insulation and damage during the winding process may lead to shorts and quality problems. Ageing during operation will also reduce the dielectric strength of the turn insulation. We test and assure the quality of the winding insulation.

When completing repairs and servicing, we determine the condition if the winding insulation. This technique is used as a preventative maintenance tool, production shutdowns in industrial plants will be avoided.


Harmonic Studies are used to quantify the level of harmonics that may be present in an electrical network. By determining the harmonic distortion  and filtering requirements within a system we can determine which harmonics may result in distortion of the voltage supply and current wave forms, potentially affecting connected equipment adversely.

Why are Harmonic Studies important?

  • Avoids damage due to excessive harmonic currents in transformers and capacitor banks.
  • Ensures sensitive electronic equipment won't malfunction due to excessive harmonic voltage distortion.
  • Satisfies the supply authority's voltage and current harmonic distortion requirements.

Typical sources of Harmonic Distortion can be:

  • AC Variable Frequency Drives
  • DC Adjustable Speed Drives
  • Switched-Mode Power Supplies
  • Saturable Magnetic Drives
  • Lighting Ballasts
  • Dimmers
  • Rectifiers
  • Battery Chargers
  • Welders
  • Frequency Chargers for Induction Furnaces
  • Arc Furnaces
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Computers

Harmonic studies should be considered whenever there are solid state drivers or electric furnaces and capacitor banks in the power system.

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