Behavioural Safety Program Launched

May 2016

The Jones & Rickard Group has launched the Unsafe Acts Prevention (UAP) program across it's sites. Dynelec and J&R Magnetics, being Jones & Rickard Group companies, implemented UAP last week.

A focus on well being

The Jones & Rickard Group continues to focus on improvement in all areas, particularly the safety of our employees, customers, visitors and community.  With the launch of the Unsafe Acts Prevention (UAP) program, we aim for each employee to go home each day in the same state of health & wellness with which they arrived at work.



The UAP process is used throughout heavy industry, and complements Jones & Rickard's existing Risk Management Systems & Tools established. It is a simple system, and encourages all of us to ask a colleague, or be asked, at any time three basic questions:

1. What am I about to do ?

2. What could go wrong ?

3. He can I make it safer ? 



The critical outcome of the process, through peer-to-peer observation, is to keep safety at top of mind and help form a habit of thinking further before acting. Importantly though, we collect the data recorded on the UAP slips and identify risk trends - this is fed back to the team but also used to prioritise actions for risk reduction. 


Contact us today if you would like to find out more about the UAP launch!