Wave Swell - King Island Project

February 2020

We are very pleased to be working with SOTO Consulting Engineers on Wave Swell's King Island Project.

King Island Project - Wave Turbine

 Wave Swell is developing a 200kW wave energy electricity generator installation off King Island in Tasmania.

This project will reduce the Island's reliance on diesel generated electricity, and validate the technology. The technology is different to other attempts in that no moving parts are in the water, and the turbine is driven by the air column generated by the wave movement.

SOTO Consulting Engineers were engaged by Wave Swell to facilitate the manufacture, fabrication & assembly of the turbine unit. 

Dynelec was selected by SOTO & Wave Swell to assemble the turbine, dynamically balance the rotating components, and electrically test the completed unit. In addition, Dynelec will design & manufacture a small VSD control panel.

Dynelec was selected for this project due to our reputation for precision regarding critical rotating equipment assembly and testing.

For more information regarding Wave Swell, follow this link: https://www.waveswell.com/king-island-project-2/

If you would like to discuss Dynelec Rotating Equipment assembly, balancing & testing please contact us here

For more information regarding SOTO Engineering Consulting: https://sotogroup.com.au/news/soto-works-with-renewable-energy-pioneer-wave-swell-energy-to-harness-the-oceans-power/


King Island Project