Jones & Rickard sponsors the White Cliffs Project

November 2018

The Jones & Rickard Group is proud to be associated with the preservation of the Engineers Australia Heritage recognised project. Constructed in 1980, the White Cliffs Solar Thermal Power Station was the world’s first commercial solar thermal power station. 

Graeme Hanigan - Secretary, The White Cliffs Solar Project

"I am pleased to announce that we have gained our first Corporate Sponsor for the Conservation Project.

The Jones and Rickard association with the White Cliffs Project began in 1980, as the manufacturer of the bespoke single phase, 48KWe alternator which supplied power to White Cliffs during the Power Stations historic operation as the Worlds First Commercial Solar Thermal Power Station, and we thank them for their ongoing support.

J&R can be proud that they were selected to construct the alternator used in this historic research, and that its superior performance is recognized by Professor Kaneff in his report on the 1979 -1989 years of operation of the Power Station."

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The White Cliffs Project aerial shot