Dynelec announces Eaton xEnergy Partnership

20 August 2015

We are proud to announce our Partnership with Eaton, a global technology leader in Power Management Solutions. 

As a Licenced xEnergy Partner, Dynelec can efficiently solve your Low Voltage Switchboard and Motor Control Centre challenges.     

The xEnergy Switchboard System

Configured to Your Requirements

The xEnergy switchboard solution can be configured by Dynelec's engineers to meet your own specific requirements.

It provides the ideal foundation for electrical systems up to 5000A. The modular type-tested design allows for a wide range of intelligent combinations, reducing design and assembly time, cost, and required space.


 xEnergy is Fully Compliant

The xEnergy system is fully compliant and type-tested to the new IEC61439 standard for Low Voltage switchgear assemblies.

This ensures safety and reliability of the system, and is supported by documented evidence of Conformity. Dynelec drives design and manufacturing compliance through systems and processes, is certified to AS/NZS 9001 and AS/NZS 3800, and as a member of Standards Australia has representation on the committees SA EL23/EL14 and P12. 


xEnergy Configurable Options

  • Power Sections for Incoming supplies, Outgoers, and Couplings. 

  • Fixed option for individual Outgoers.

  • Removable option for plug-in modules, which can be replaced under live-line conditions.

  • Withdrawable option where complete drawer can be replaced under live-line conditions.

  • General option accommodates individual fixed units on a mounting plate. For example, Power Factor Correction.


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